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We would love to hear from anyone interested in our journey!  

This website is our primary communication with friends and family and we encourage everyone we know (and those we don't know) to check on it often to see how we are doing.  

Due to the adventurous nature of our travels, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to constantly update this site or respond to emails quickly.   We apologize in advance for this and ask you not to worry if we have not posted an update or responded to emails for a couple of weeks.  

Thanks for joining us on our adventure - it can get mighty lonely on the road sometimes and great to read encouraging emails!

We look forward to hearing from you!



We have no sponsors for this trip.  All expenses are being paid personally from our savings account, so any contribution of support is greatly appreciated!  We are always appreciative of personal offers for accommodation, home-cooked dinners and meeting new friends, so if you see that we may be headed in your direction and would like to help us out, feel free to send us an email!  

If you are enjoying the website and photos and would like to help us extend our travels, you can also contribute via Paypal (just click on the Paypal button below).  Your contribution will certainly help fund the purchase of food, fuel and fresh tires.  

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