This is the website of Casey Walker!

I began this site to chronicle my life and journeys around the world!

This site began in 2007, recording my adventures riding a KLR650 motorcycle across the USA, through Canada and Alaska and down into Baja Mexico!  Feel free to read though our travelogues to relive the experience!

I am now preparing for my next big adventure! 

Thanks for joining me!  


04/2009 UPDATE:   Casey and Darren Walker have chosen to pursue separate paths in life.  We separated a few months ago and have now completed the process of divorcing.  This website will continue to be authored and maintained by Casey Walker.   I hope that all of the wonderful friends we met during our travels will continue keeping in touch with both of us. 

05/ 2008 UPDATE:  Casey's mother, Jayne Marie Slaughter, passed away on April 29, 2008 at the early age of 52, after years of courageously battling breast cancer and related complications. 

Casey's Current Plans

Due to my recent divorce, my plans for international travel have been placed on hold.  I am in the process of regaining employment in the field of Human Resources in order to gather funds and prepare for life's next big adventure...

All plans are subject to change, so don't be misled into thinking this portion of the website won't change!